George and Cathy have a selection of trees and shrubs that is wide in both variety and in size.


The areas best landscape designers depend on George’s to have mature, healthy and fresh specimens of hundreds of varieties. Because George’s has the space and the equipment to store, load and plant these trees and shrubs the stock is constantly turning and fresh. Each week of the year from March until December there are trucks coming directly from the best growers in North America to the yard at George’s Market.


As a homeowner it is a real treat to walk through the yard with your own strips of fabric to tag the specific trees you want delivered and planted in your yard. You can research varieties online, and then come in and choose the specific trees or shrubs you want. We can load your truck for you, or design and install an entire landscape for you.


If your not sure of what you want, then you can come in with your questions and ask us to help you choose the right stock for your property.